Business Areas

Production / Industry 4.0

Sensor-controlled machines, networked systems and electronically identifiable products and tools are now continuously generating vast quantities of data as a normal part of their everyday activities. Our software is tailored to a company’s specific requirements allowing it to be integrated into operational processes to make full use of all available data. It is sufficiently flexible to adapt to fast changing operational and market conditions and guarantees optimum utilization of all available resources.

Logistics and Mobility

As part of the »logistics & mobility« sector we develop technologies which utilize a range of data sources to analyze the flow of traffic and goods. Our developments make it possible for us to forecast operational defects and failures and to even avoid them by optimizing aspects of the system. Delivery routes can be adjusted in real-time to react to traffic conditions, compliance with transport routes is monitored and transport systems are managed in the most efficient way possible.

Life Sciences and Health Care

The solutions we develop for our customers automatically analyze and evaluate complex medical data sets and allow them to be visualized in a way that is easy to understand. We support healthcare professionals in many areas including diagnosis and therapy, organized patient care and the use of medical data for research. The analysis of highly sensitive patient information including individual medical observations and treatments is central to our work and because of this we have developed systems which specifically and fully comply with all relevant data protection laws.

Energy and Environment

The vast data streams now being generated within the energy supply sector are the result of a combination of increasingly complicated links throughout the industry and the progressively widespread application of intelligent sensors to measure consumption and environmental data. Our applications help control all aspects of the industry including environmental impact, the forecasting of supply and demand and implementing measures to optimize processes in real-time. They operate on every level from households and industry through to the energy supply infrastructure itself.

Data Security

Specialists in our »Data Security« department develop systems which can detect and evaluate safety risks at an early stage. In addition to relying on traditional information sources such as weather and traffic data to assess situations and develop methods of defense against potential dangers, we now also make use of data from sources such as social media, modern sensor systems and cellphone capacity data. All of our big data solutions, even in their first draft, comply with the highest demands of data protection and safety.

Business and Finances

»Business and finance« specializes in developing integrated software products which provide our customers with a comprehensive market overview and automatically generated recommendations. Our solutions use vast quantities of business and transaction data to help identify patterns of fraudulent activity, discover optimized cost-benefit ratios or facilitate activities such as customer-facing contact, market observation and dynamic pricing.