Business areas

Intelligent solutions for different industries

In our business areas, you can find out what benefits companies in your industry can gain from the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Here you will find contact persons for your specific requirements.

Production & Industry 4.0

Use the data that your products, tools and machines provide every day: we develop solutions that flexibly adapt to the rapid changes in the market and in operations.

Logistics & mobility

Disruptions to the flow of traffic and goods can be predicted and avoided with the help of diverse data sources. Our solutions help to adapt routes to the traffic situation and optimally utilize transport systems.

Energy & the environment

For private households, companies or infrastructure, we develop applications with which energy and environmental factors can be monitored and optimized.

Life sciences & healthcare

We help healthcare experts in diagnostics and therapy, organized patient care and the use of medical data for research purposes.

Business & finance

Maintain an overview of your business processes: our solutions analyze business and transaction data, uncover fraud patterns and help with customer targeting, market monitoring or pricing.

Security & safety

With our solutions, you can identify and assess security risks early. Even in the design of our software products, we meet the highest standards of data protection and security.

What we offer you

Experience in diverse projects

Our AI project overview shows the current projects of our member institutes, sorted by region, business area or form of application.

From the automatic analysis of business reports to an intelligent tutor for technology-based learning to a computer that recognizes emotions, the AI projects of the Fraunhofer Big Data and AI Alliance are as diverse as the specialized knowledge of its member institutes. You can find them all in one place: in our AI project overview.

Individual AI solutions

The Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance supports companies as an independent partner. We accompany you on your way to becoming a data-driven company with our range of services.

Do you want to develop and implement your ideas together with us? Discover the Enterprise Innovation Campus.

With the AI Kick-Starter Bundle, we make it easier for companies to get started with AI.

Our TechConnection Initiative supports start-ups in the development of new AI innovations.

Data Science trainings

We turn you into AI and Data Science experts! Our training sessions are offered to both beginners and experts. This enables us to provide structured, sequential further training. If you wish, you can complete our data scientist training courses with a certificate.

Our teachers have years of experience in implementing AI projects.

Do you have special requirements and would you prefer to have in-house further education? Discover our in-house training sessions.