Intelligent solutions for logistics and mobility

Companies are faced with great challenges today. On the one hand they have to master increasing complexity resulting from shorter product life cycles, a higher number of variants (batch size of one) and strict adherence to a growing number of regulatory, legal, internal company and contract-related requirements (compliance). On the other hand, companies need to increase their competitiveness, which entails bringing new products to market while also lowering production costs.

Data is the key to success

Data in companies plays a special role here. Data is both a driver of developments and also the key to success. This idea is supported by the data-centric Industrie 4.0 developments and technology based on the internet of things and cyber-physical systems. In the automobile industry, for example, a large number of sensors with individual characteristics are used at large production sites, which can be configured with several hundred parameters for the respective application.

In the application domain of logistics, new possibilities are emerging through the utilization of large amounts of data and the integration of smart solutions because endless data exists both within companies and online which can be used to support decisions and create forecasts. In this way, data can generate practical added value for companies. Machine Learning methods and technology play a decisive role here.

Logistics processes optimized with Big Data analytics

In addition to the large amounts of data, the product and structural complexity, and the degree of networking, many of different data structures have to be managed in logistics. When it comes to data structures, in addition to structured data (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS) and semi-structured data (e.g. sensor, AutoID data or office documents), non-structured data (e.g. social media) is increasingly the focus of attention. Existing IT systems in logistics need to manage increasingly complex tasks and increasing amounts of data. In order to be able to tackle these challenges, IT systems are being expanded to include methods and systems from the field of Big Data analytics.

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Examples of projects

Intelligent car interior

In order to make the human-machine interaction inside cars as intuitive and useful as possible, a camera-based interior detection system was implemented in the project.

Service robot for beverage logistics

Luka Beverage is a service robot that assists in the handling of beverage bottles and heavy beverage crates in the beverage and food trade.

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