AI quick start for companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key technology for disruptive innovations today. In the production environment, for example, AI can be used to monitor individual process steps, assist in decision making or take on routine activities. Pioneering companies have already set up pilots in individual business areas to gain initial experience. However, many SMEs are still faced with the question of which application areas to start with and which resources, infrastructure and competences are required.

The Fraunhofer Big Data and AI Alliance, together with Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, IAO and IPT, has developed an approach which supports company executives in making a structured entry into the field of Artificial Intelligence. That’s why we have developed the AI Kick-Starter Bundle.

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»AI Kick-Starter Bundle«

The AI Kick-Starter Bundle is divided into three phases:

  • It begins by determining the strategic goals for AI applications in companies and narrowing down the prototypical AI use cases for more detailed consideration.
  • This is followed by the optional development and elaboration of ideas for exciting AI use cases, their potential and possible pitfalls, while considering the needs of stakeholders.
  • In order to be able to draw up a roadmap with the next steps, the feasibility of the chosen AI use cases in the company regarding strategic relevance, data overview, IT infrastructure and organization is examined, and the initial optimization proposals are drawn up.



  • Strategic objective for the company’s AI activities based on the strategic corporate direction
  • Idea generation for new AI use cases
  • Investigation of selected AI use cases in the company (including implemented prototypes) and their evaluation with regard to strategic relevance, data overview, IT infrastructure, organization and HR
  • Identifying initial approaches and a mini-roadmap to determine the next steps