Smart solutions for healthcare and research

There are not many other industries that generate as much data every day as the modern healthcare sector. For example, biomedical research is increasingly computerized, patient data is usually stored digitally and networked devices for recording bodily functions are increasingly used not only by doctors but also for private purposes. Even in social networks, everyday conversations about health topics conceal medically relevant information.

Make complex medical data quickly and intuitively comprehensible

A characteristic of medical data of all kinds is not only its high complexity but also its diversity. The modern health care system is therefore faced with the challenge of merging and analyzing lots of heterogeneous data in order to fulfill the task of providing the best possible care for the patient.

Our institute has years of experience and profound expertise in the field of health-related data analysis. We develop solutions and assistance systems for our customers that are capable of automatically analyzing and interpreting medical data sets and outputting them in a way that makes their content intuitively comprehensible. Our systems support healthcare professionals in a wide range of applications, be it diagnostics and therapy, organized patient care or the use of medical data for research purposes.

Top priority: protection of patient data

The automatic, AI-based analysis of patient data also offers completely new possibilities for individualized and case-specific treatment. Because highly sensitive information is used, the highest priority is data protection in processing. Our systems are designed from the ground up to comply with the current data protection regulations.

We support you in all phases from idea development, use case prioritization, joint proof-of-concepts, implementation and strategy development to the effective roll-out of individual solutions.

Examples of projects

User interface for device control unit

The intelligent user interface enables intuitive device control using speech, gestures or touch in the smart home, industry or operations.

RICO software

The RightCoding (RICO) software ensures data-secure and efficient coding of diagnoses and services in the hospital without gaps, thus saving staff important time.

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