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Study, 2020

Quantum Machine Learning

The study provides insight into quantum computing and explains its potential for Machine Learning processes. In addition to techniques for implementation, the study also outlines the current competence landscape and classifies Germany’s position among the international competition. It also shows areas of application and market potential for different industries.


Study, 2018

Machine Learning

The study briefly introduces the most important Machine Learning concepts and methods, and provides an overview of challenges and new research questions. Furthermore, it provides an overview of actors, fields of application and socio-economic framework conditions of research with a focus on Germany as a business location.


Potential analysis, 2017

Artificial Intelligence

The aim of this analysis is to systematically record the current situation concerning marketability and use potential of AI technology. The portrayal is based on the analysis of relevant market studies and forecasts, the results of future workshops with representatives of selected application industries and an investigation of national and European AI project funding.


Brochure, 2017

Trends for AI

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft brochure provides an overview of the important AI trends and gets to the bottom of myths. It also contains interviews with leading scientists on current developments, AI in quantum computers and deep learning.