Smart solutions for more sustainability

In times of scarce raw materials, environmental and energy issues are no longer only relevant in socio-political terms, but are also forcing the economy to rethink its approach. In order to secure Germany as a sustainable business location, ecological aspects must be firmly anchored in economic and social growth models. This concerns the nationwide level as well as individual companies.

Monitor energy and environmental data in real time

Increasing networking in the energy sector, the spread of intelligent sensor technology for measuring consumption and environmental data, and also communication in social networks provide an enormous pool of information in this regard. They open the doors for a comprehensive organization of suitable measures and control options. In order to identify the suitable information sources and extract the decisive information from the enormous mountains of data, it is essential to have modern solutions that can not only handle the heterogeneity and the volume of the data produced every day, but can also analyze it in real time and generate control and warning information early.

React quickly and optimize processes

In the business unit of energy and the environment, we are developing smart solutions for our customers to monitor all relevant energy and environmental factors for the respective application, so that measures can be taken or processes optimized in good time. As our institutes provide expert knowledge from almost all industries, we operate in several different application fields, whether it be monitoring and controlling energy consumption at home, in companies, or at a federal level, optimizing processes in agriculture, or monitoring water bodies.

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Examples of projects

E³ production

Efficient — Emission Neutral — Ergonomic = E³ Production. The Fraunhofer E³ Production Lighthouse Project wants to make production in Germany sustainable by achieving maximum value creation from minimum resources.

Neighborhood of the future

The components of the connected neighborhood of the future include the installation of sensors for weather, environmental and city data, as well as a software platform.

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