Potential analysis "Artificial Intelligence"


Future market Artificial Intelligence: potentials and applications

We are witnessing a turning point in time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has left the research labs and is rapidly permeating our everyday world in the form of talking devices and digital assistants, cooperative robots, autonomous vehicles and drones. We are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish bots from humans in digital media, and even at our desks more and more routine tasks are being automated.

Triggered by Big Data and American Internet corporations, this development is being fueled by the ongoing digitization of all sectors of the economy. On high-performance hardware and software platforms, AI and Machine Learning techniques provide the tools to learn complex relationships from large amounts of data without having to be explicitly programmed.

Actions and decisions are not only suggested based on data, but directly used to control devices and processes. Deep Learning methods from artificial neurons let intelligent machines talk to us in any language, perceive and interpret our shared environment. AI is creating a new communication interface to our home, car, wearables and will displace touchscreens and keyboards.

The aim of this analysis is to systematically record the current status with regard to the market maturity and application potential of AI technologies on the German and international markets. The presentation is based on the analysis of relevant market studies and forecasts, the results of future workshops with representatives of selected application industries (call centers, healthcare and industrial production) as well as an investigation of national and European project funding in the field of artificial intelligence. Significant market segments and key players from science and industry are identified for the AI systems "Autonomous Robots", "Autonomous Transportation", "Smart Devices" and "Cognitive Assistants". The application examples ("Use Cases") show the use of AI competencies in concrete products from the respective industries as well as the ongoing research activities based on selected projects of the Fraunhofer Institutes.



Publisher: Fraunhofer Big Data and AI Alliance, Sankt Augustin, 11/2017.

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