Do you want to use Artificial Intelligence?

We know the challenges. And we have solutions.

Take advantage of data-driven decisions for your business. The Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance is by your side as an independent and experienced partner throughout the entire process chain — from strategy development, feasibility studies and prototypes to the effective roll-out of specific AI applications and sustainably securing your success. Your data security and sovereignty are very important to us. We look forward to finding a solution for your specific challenge with you.

Your path to becoming a data-driven company

Shadowing and strategy development

  • Understand company processes
  • Identify and evaluate AI potential
  • Determine goals and roadmap

We take your processes into account, identify potential and risks and support you in evaluating use cases. We prepare a roadmap and consider both the technical feasibility and the basic operational conditions and objective uses for your company.

Data development

  • What data is available in the company?
  • What is the quality of the data?
  • How must the data be prepared?

Data is the raw material of AI. We analyze the databases of your company with you. If required, we can help you merge, prepare and enrich your databases. Create the conditions for the optimal use of your data resources with us.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Choice of algorithms and development of models
  • Involvement of expert knowledge
  • Consideration of the specific requirements of your company

We develop your individual Big Data and AI solution. To do this, we choose processes that include data and knowledge from different sources and also consider matters of ethics, data protection and security.


  • Big Data and AI architecture adapted to your company
  • Efficient infrastructure
  • Adaptation to company processes

We support you in integrating Big Data and AI into your company. To do this, we establish Big Data and AI architecture and develop powerful infrastructure. We integrate innovative analytics processes into your operational business and create reliable standards and processes.


  • Future proofing through sustainable solutions
  • Knowledge transfer by training your employees

We create the essential systems, structures and processes for your long-term success as a data-driven company. We train your project team and use the jointly developed results to tackle new goals with you. That’s how we guarantee the future of your Big Data and AI strategy.


Come and meet us!

Would you like to take advantage of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? Do you have questions or are you looking for support in the further development of your ideas? We are happy to be there for you.

Further offers

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Enterprise Innovation Campus

Implement your ideas together

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AI Kick-Starter Bundle

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Initiative TechConnection

Start-up promotion

We are looking for start-ups with forward-thinking ideas in the field of AI for a technology cooperation. You have an idea? We look forward to your pitch.

Presentations and workshops

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