Smart security solutions

In a networked world in which a huge amount of data is collected, processed and saved, there is an equal measure of opportunities and risks. The business area of security dedicates its expertise to the topic of “security with Artificial Intelligence” and “security for Artificial Intelligence.”

Security guaranteed and hazards reduced

By “security with Artificial Intelligence” we mean using AI technology to ensure security in terms of safety and security. The basic principle is that anyone who is aware of hazards can better protect themselves and others and reduce future hazards. Awareness and analysis of hazards about which there is some form of information, even if it is unorganized, is supported by our technology, for example in forecasting the spread of disease, crisis management, and in forensic analysis to solve crimes.

Protect data from loss and misuse

However, the storage and processing of large amounts of data must itself be secure in terms of the data being protected against loss and misuse. We contribute to “security for Artificial Intelligence” by developing encryption methods that are suitable for large amounts of data, and by offering data protection engineering that can be trusted by those concerned. Our smart solutions and systems always comply with the strictest data security regulations — your data is always secure and you decide who can access it. We would be happy to develop your individual solution with you.


Examples of projects

Protection against attacks on IT systems

ATHENE is the largest research center for cyber security and privacy protection in Europe. Fraunhofer is contributing cognitive security methods to the project.

Drone detection

Mini-drones are useful, but also a potential hazard: at airports, for example, they can endanger air traffic. Therefore, they must be detected reliably and at an early stage.

Overview of all AI projects (in German)

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