Intelligent solutions for production

The demands on industrial companies from the market and society are becoming increasingly complex. Customers want individual products and competition is becoming fiercer due to globalization. Furthermore, these demands are also subject to constant qualitative changes. In many cases, classic production methods are already no longer able to cope with this.

Produce individually and flexibly  

But the solution to this problem lies close at hand — due to the increasing spread of sensor-controlled machines and robots, autonomous and networked systems, and electronically identifiable products and tools, enormous amounts of data are constantly being generated in everyday operations. It is precisely this data that contains the decisive information for increasing the quality, efficiency and flexibility of production processes. However, ordinary methods of data analysis can no longer manage such volumes of data.

AI applications as a competitive advantage

Therefore, in the business unit of production and Industrie 4.0, we are developing technology that not only copes with the amount of data produced every day and analyzes it in real time, but also masters the variety of different data types and merges them automatically. We develop customized, integrated AI solutions for our customers that are flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes in operations and in the market and always ensure the optimal use of existing resources.

Are you interested? We would be happy to discuss with you how your company can benefit from AI integration. We assist you from strategy development to effective roll-out.

Examples of projects

Machine Learning for Production (ML4P)

Machine Learning is the aim of ML4P. The project will evaluate which Machine Learning processes are best suited to production.

Acoustic condition monitoring

The project investigated the potential of acoustic monitoring of machines in order to be able to identify production irregularities more quickly.

Overview of all AI projects (in German)

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