Introductory courses

Enter the world of Data Science

If you are new to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our entry-level training courses provide the ideal foundation. With our compact introductory courses, we offer you an all-round package for your start in the subject area of Data Science.  

Depending on your interest and level of knowledge, our one to two-day introductory courses offer an insight into the content and methods of various focal points from the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Our trainings are not a frontal lecture, but interactive learning, where you can exchange ideas and benefit from the experience of the lecturers. Because that is what distinguishes our training courses: Learning from experienced data scientists who work in customer projects every day and conduct research on the content. #WeKnowHow


Which introductory format is right for me?

  • Are you new to the world of Artificial Intelligence and want to get an overview? → Kompakteinstieg KI (in German)
  • You can classify the most important terms around Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and are interested in getting started in the topic area of Machine Learning? → Kompakteinstieg Datenanalyse (in German)
  • Do you already have experience with Data Science as well as models trained and are interested in how these can be implemented in the operational business environment? → Kompakteinstieg MLOps (in German)
  • Do you work in a manufacturing company and want to learn about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in the production environment? → Kompakteinstieg Maschinelles Lernen in der Produktion (in German)
  • Would you like to start developing your first Machine Learning model? → Kompakteinstieg ML mit Python (in German)

Certified trainings

Would you like to become a certified Data Scientist? → Find out about our certified training courses (in German).


Introductory courses

Here you will find all entry-level training courses for the perfect start into the world of Data Science.

"Kompakteinstieg Künstliche Intelligenz"

Get an overview of the potentials and limits of Artificial Intelligence in practical use in your company.


"Kompakteinstieg Datenanalyse"

Get an overview of data analytics with Machine Learning and learn basic steps to build and run your own data analytics project.

"Kompakteinstieg MLOps"

With this training you will learn how to use ML applications in your daily business. In addition, you will learn the most important basics of the MLOps process set.


"Kompakteinstieg ML in der Produktion"

Get an insight into the process of an ML project and the possible applications in the production environment.

"Kompakteinstieg ML mit Python"

Here you will learn the basics of data analysis using machine learning methods. Python, sikcit-learn and Pandas will no longer be foreign terms to you after this training!

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Take advantage of our free Python pre-course to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Python programming language.