Online - Schulung  /  28. Oktober 2024, / Duration: 8 days + exam

Certified Data Scientist Specialized in Quantum Computing Professional

In the 1990s, Shor's quantum algorithm demonstrated an exponential speed-up over classical algorithms for factoring large numbers. The development of quantum computing is making great progress and there is a need to learn how to take advantage of quantum computing.

In this course, which is organized by the Fraunhofer institutes FOKUS and ITWM, you will learn the basics of quantum computing, including its most important algorithms.

The concepts taught are illustrated with several case studies from real applications and projects. A large part of the course is used to further consolidate what has been learned with practical application examples.

Learning Objetctives

Upon successful completion of this module, participants will have acquired the following learning outcomes:

Learning Objective:


  • are familiar with the formal basic concepts of quantum computing (quantum state, bit vs. qubit, measurement)
  • can identify the crucial differences between quantum computing and classical computing

Knowledge / Understanding

Participants can

  • describe the fundamental quantum algorithms and the intuitions behind them
  • identify current challenges in creating and implement basic quantum algorithms


Participants can

  • develop simple quantum programs
  • analyze and modify complex quantum algorithms such as Shor's algorithm


Times and Dates

Every monday and tuesday from 1 - 5 p.m. (CET)

Unit 1   28. - 29. October 2024
Unit 2 04. - 05. November 2024
Unit 3
11. - 12. November 2024
Unit 4 18. - 19. Nobember 2024
Exam 05. December 2024